Anna Faris Naked and Shocking Sex Tape Leaked in 2021

Anna Faris Naked and Shocking Sex Tape Leaked in 2021

Famous petite blonde, and Scary Movie star Anna Faris is the star of latest porn scandal! This time we get to see incredibly horny Anna Faris naked while giving blowjob to her ex husband Chris Pratt. This was an obvious attempt to create homemade sex tape, probably from one of their vacations. But after their marriage broke a part, Chris decided to leak this video, and that is how we got Anna Faris sex tape.

Anna Faris Sex Tape Porn Video

As described earlier we get to see plenty of action in Anna Faris leaked porn video. We see her fully naked, and horny as hell! She even calls her husband by name, but that is not only reason that this incredible celebrity sex tape is authentic! Oh no, after just a few days from posting it here, we got letters from Anna’s lawyers threatening to sue us if we do not remove this porn video. So we had to do it. We do have right to post anything under 30sec, so we left the preview here. But to see full video just follow the link at the end of the video!

Anna Faris Bikini And Paparazzi Collection

Before this sex tape scandal, Anna Faris was modest little tease in our eyes. She didn’t appear in a lot of sex scenes. And all those Anna Faris Nude Sex Scenes are well collected and categorized at ScandalPlanet.

Anna Faris naked sex scenes

After you watch these amazing sex videos get back here and take a look of our collection of Anna Faris bikini shots mostly collected from various paparazzi websites and blogs.

Young Anna Faris Naked Photos

As we mentioned few times on this page. Anna Faris naked photos are almost like unicorns! We are lucky that we have her amazing sex tape at the top of this page. And some great scenes from her movies. But her naked shots are almost impossible to find. Anyhow we managed to find some early nudes of miss Anna for you, and we hope you will appreciate them!

Anna Faris Sexy Dresses and Lingerie Collection

What we do not miss on this website are sexy photos of Anna Faris. We could go on and on about her hot body and the way she looks at the cameras. But we will live you imagination to do it’s magic. And get this sexy firecracker into your lap!

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