Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures

Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures

Bethenny Frankelhot bikini

If you’re not a stay at home menopausing mom, there’s a good chance you have no idea who Bethenny Frankel is. You may know Bethenny Frankel from her various diet and lifestyle books you’ve never read, her reality shows you’ve never watched, or her new daytime talk show that somebody you know’s wife once told you she saw once. Or, just from our various depictions of Bethenny in wardrobe malfunctions or in her bikinis on the beach in Miami during her vacations and long weekends off from New York.  She cuts a fine surgically enhanced form for a modestly anorexic New Yorker in her 40′s. Although she does require the floppy hat to prevent the sun from revealing all her suture lines like the keyhole.

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