Emily Ratajkowski Covers Her Boobs In GQ

Emily Ratajkowski Covers Her Boobs In GQ

Emily Ratajkowski GQ Magazine

I’m still waiting for Emily Ratajkowski to officially thank me for helping her career blow up, but I guess this ridiculously hot GQ photoshoot will have to do until then. Anyway, Emily Ratajkowski hot has gone from virtual unknown occasional teen TV actress to GQ pictorial hot shot thanks to her professional talent of being willing to show off her boobs. She did it in a bunch of photos in magazines, blowing up big with her bare chest finally in the Blurred Lines video. If she were more demure, she’d just be some good looking chick with a difficult last name. Now, she’s famous and finally getting paid and going to have John Mayer or Adam Levine’s dick inside of her soon. Even the smart girls ultimately have to pay that piper.

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