Jaclyn Swedberg Hot Bikini Photoshoot

Jaclyn Swedberg Hot Bikini Photoshoot

Jaclyn Swedberg bikini photoshoot

Here is hot Jaclyn Swedberg in her bikini doing one of the hottest photoshoots I’ve ever seen in my life! Now believe it or not, this is the first post of Jaclyn on this site, despite her obvious, uh, talents. The 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg  has much to offer as far as a subject matter. Especially if that subject matter is extremely awesome bikini goodness. Jaclyn Swedberg did a sexy photoshoot for 138 Water on the beach in Santa Monica, she was photographed by Playboy model and renowned glamour photographer Raquel Rischard. The idea of two hot chicks photographing each other is beyond alluring, just the site of hottie on hottie exposure makes me want to cool off something fierce in the ocean and remain there until I can avoid a publicly embarrassing moment upon my exit. Enjoy!

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