Maximo Garcia – XBiz Best Performer

Maximo Garcia – XBiz Best Performer

Ever heard of Maximo Garcia? The Spanish actor is an every girls’s dream! Well, boys’ too! Check him out; he’s a stunner! The guy has the body of Hercules, and when he looks at you with those eyes of his.. Well, let me just tell you you’ll lose it!

Maximo was born in Valencia in 1992! In the past few years, he’s been living in Hungary, then the Czech Republic, and now, he’s moved to Colombia! He is an adult industry actor as well as a fitness model! This year, he won XBiz’s aware for best scene, and in 2021 he was nominated for XBIZ Europa Awards to Best Male actor!

He has recently started filming his own scenes, and you can find some teasers on his Twitter account!

I also recommend you check out his Instagram profile! He daily posts some great shots there!

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