Tricia Helfer Braless Sideboob Cleavage

Tricia Helfer Braless Sideboob Cleavage

Tricia Helfer sideboob

Damn I love it when a woman is proud of her tits, ain’t no shame in show off those beautiful, perfect breasts! It is quite nice to see Battlestar Galactica babe Tricia Helfer showing up with deep sideboob views at the premiere of Riddick last night in Los Angeles. Sometimes I see some of our favorite sextastic celebrities at these events all dressed up in dresses that cover their bodies and I can’t help but think to myself, why are you being so selfish? I know it’s not right, but I think it regardless. But not about Tricia. She’s a giver. Enjoy this hot Tricia Helfer sideboob gallery!

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